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You can approach the integration and authorization of BLIK payments through various methods. The primary method of authorization involves using a customer-generated BLIK code within the bank's mobile application. Alternatively, BLIK payments can be authorized using a UID token, facilitating seamless one-click payments directly on the store's website. The selection of the authorization method hinges upon the specific payment integration scenario:

  • Redirecting to the BLIK payment page – Once the BLIK payment method is chosen and an order is placed, the customer is directed to the BLIK website. Here, they input a BLIK authorization code and then confirm the payment using their bank's mobile app. This integration is limited to a standard pay-by-link service.
  • Transparent payment with a BLIK authorization code – Customer inputs a BLIK authorization code while still on the shop's website. After placing the order, they confirm the payment through the bank's mobile app. This integration requires the shop's website to support BLIK authorization code entry. This provides customers with a simpler and more secure payment authorization process, without being redirected away from the shop.
  • Transparent payment with the UID token – Customer authorizes the payment with a single click on the shop's website. Confirming payment within the bank's mobile app might not be necessary. This option mandates a complete implementation, encompassing token registration on the shop's side, handling token payment and BLIK authorization code input. Consequently, customers enjoy one-click payment options and a BLIK authorization code.

The UID token payment service is not available by default and requires meeting certain requirements as well as going through a boarding process accordingly. Therefore, before proceeding with the integration, contact your account manager at PayU.

With the exception of the Redirecting to the BLIK payment page option, all BLIK services necessitate a specific point of sale configuration by PayU. The configuration enabling „Transparent payment with a BLIK authorization code” and „Transparent payment with the UID token” is not compatible with „Redirecting to the BLIK payment page”. Therefore, it calls for a distinct point of sale setup.

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