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Give our APIs a Try

We offer two main protocols for: REST API and Classic API. This documentation describes the REST API protocol version 2.1, which is the standard form of communication with the PayU system.

The Classic API protocol is an older communication protocol that is no longer being developed and all new services will be provided through the REST API. The Classic API documentation is for existing integrations only and it is not recommended to integrate PayU services using it. If you need to access the Classic API docs contact our supoort.

Older Versions of the REST API

If you are looking for information about the older version of the API contact us.

Postman Collection

Here you can download the:

  • Postman Collection which includes a set of pre-configured requests that you can send to PayU using the REST API protocol.


In addition, we offer a set of libraries (SDKs) that make it easier for developers to create applications using the OpenPayU protocol. The SDK significantly speeds up the implementation of the payment processing in the application, while minimizing the possibility of errors.

You can download two types of SDKs:

  • SDK for PHP - contains information about REST API 2.1 for the PayU payment system. For a fresh version of developer's SDK and a manual visit GitHub.
  • Mobile SDK - contains information about the Android and the iOS mobile components for: pay-by-link, one-time card payments, storing card options, scanning card data, and one-click payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, BLIK). For details visit Mobile SDK page.

If you have questions or suggestions concerning SDKs, please contact us.

API Reference

For details on status codes and parameters used in the requests or authentication methods, please refer to Single Platform API Reference.