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Retrieving Transaction Data

The transaction data retrieval message serves as a valuable tool to retrieve transaction details associated with a specific orderId. This functionality allows you to access essential information such as bank account details or card details used in the transaction. This feature becomes particularly beneficial when you require comprehensive insights into the payment details for a given order.

Retrieving Transaction Data Request

To retrieve transaction data, make a GET request to the v2_1/orders/{orderId}/transactions endpoint. In this case, the orderId should be the specific identifier you received after successfully creating the order.

GET Request Body

When making GET requests, please remember not to include any data in the request body, as specified in the RFC 9110 standard. Requests that do not adhere to this requirement will be rejected by PayU with an HTTP 403 status.

Retrieving Data Request Example
curl -X GET{orderId}/transactions \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer 3e5cac39-7e38-4139-8fd6-30adc06a61bd" \

For details on the request, please refer to Retrieve a Transaction section in PayU API Reference.

Retrieving Transaction Data Response


After a transaction has been processed, card details become available immediately. However, there might be a slight delay for bank details, which can take a few minutes or sometimes until the next business day. The availability of bank details depends on the specific bank's processing time.

Response Example for Retrieving Card Transaction Data
"transactions": [
"payMethod": {
"value": "c"
"paymentFlow": "FIRST_ONE_CLICK_CARD",
"card": {
"cardData": {
"cardNumberMasked": "543402******4014",
"cardScheme": "MC",
"cardProfile": "CONSUMER",
"cardClassification": "DEBIT",
"cardResponseCode": "000",
"cardResponseCodeDesc": "000 - OK",
"cardEciCode": "2",
"card3DsStatus": "Y",
"card3DsStatusDescription": "MessageVersion=2.1.0,browser flow,3DS method not available,dynamic authentication,no cancel indicator,no status reason",
"cardBinCountry": "PL",
"firstTransactionId": "MCC0111LL1121"
"cardInstallmentProposal": {
//optional object, see note below
"proposalId": "5aff3ba8-0c37-4da1-ba4a-4ff24bcc2eed"

In the response body for card transactions, a notable parameter is the cardInstallmentProposal, which holds particular significance in the context of the Mastercard Installments service. For detailed insights into this feature, please refer to the Mastercard Installments section.

For details on some of the parameters in the cardData section included in the response, please refer to the 3DS Details in Transaction Data section.

And for details on the parameters, please refer to Retreive a Transaction section in our API reference.