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PayU Marketplace is a solution for platforms that act as intermediaries, connecting buyers and sellers (submerchants) and providing them with the necessary tools to conduct transactions. In addition to payment processing, PayU offers a submerchant verification service to take the responsibility off your shoulders.

PayU Marketplace uses the mechanism of the so-called single shopping cart. This feature enables buyers to conveniently purchase products from multiple sellers within a single transaction. Additionally you won't have to handle your submerchant's funds, as the payment will be automatically split to appropriate accounts in the PayU system.

PayU offers two ways to register your submerchants, which may vary depending on your platform profile. For more information, please refer to the Boarding Submerchants section.

You can also access presentations that provide an overview of the marketplace for both forms of merchant registration:

If you have already chosen your boarding type and know how you will handle submerchant registration, please visit the Marketplace API section to learn about how to extend the standard integration for marketplace use.

If you are interested in cooperation with PayU as marketplace please contact us.

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