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Micro-donations are targeted towards merchants engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and collaborating with charities. These merchants may provide their clients with the option to augment their payment amount by making a donation to a selected charity.


There are several conditions that must be met to be able to offer micro-donation services:

  • You must offer payments through your own checkout page and refrain from using the PayU payment page for online transfers and Blik payments.

  • A tripartite agreement is necessary between your organization, the charity, and PayU.

  • You should give the payer the option to accept donations during the payment process.

  • The charity to which donations are made must sign a merchant agreement with PayU and undergo verification process.

Charity Configuration

Once the charity has been successfully registered and has established a "shop" within the PayU system, manual configuration is necessary to create the "charity organization" and associate it with the shop. In order to initiate a donation for the charity, you have to utilize the organizationId provided by PayU during this setup process.

Supported Currencies and Payment Methods

Only online transfers and Blik payments are accepted. Micro-donations service is not available for card payments and credit methods. This restriction means that donation options are limited to CZK (Czechia), EUR (Slovakia), and PLN (Poland).

Refunds in case of Donations

The refund process for micro-donations operates much like that of a standard order, except for the fact that the donation amount is non-refundable.

Any partial or full refund resulting from circumstances such as a complaint or withdrawal from the purchase does not encompass the donation amount; rather, it solely covers the transaction amount owed to the merchant.

However, it's important to differentiate between a refund for a completed transaction and a refund related to the non-receipt (cancellation) of the transaction by the merchant, particularly when the option for auto-collection of payments is disabled. In such a scenario, both the transaction amount owed to the merchant and the donation amount are fully refunded.

API Extension

To collect donation during payment, additional object donation must be added to order request, which must also include other data.

donation Object Example
"donation": {
"amount": 500, // donation amount in pennies
"organizationId": "orgId2" // id provided by PayU
"buyer": {
"email": ""
"payMethods": {
"payMethod": {
"type": "PBL",
"value": "blik"
/* only online bank transfers and Blik
(incl. tokens and Blik with authorization code) */
Information about Donation

The donation amount is not shown in the order details available in notifications or when searching for an order.

Each donation is added to the charity's "shop" balance and displayed as a "billing" operation in the management panel. It is also possible to generate a statement with a list of microdonations (where they appear as type "d" operations).

Possible Error Codes

Below, you can see the error codes specific to the micro-donations service.

Error Codes Specific to micro-donations Service
Status CodecodecodeLiteralDescription
Invalid donation organizationId.
Donation allowed only for online transfer payments from your checkout page.