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Build your own checkout

PayU enables you to create a personalized checkout page using the white label integration, where you can customize the payment process to match your website's look and feel. By retrieving payment methods and associating them with buttons on your checkout page, your customers can conveniently choose their preferred payment option.

With the Secure Form provided by PayU, you can securely collect and store your customers' card information (in form of tokens) for future use. This feature allows your buyers to complete their purchase directly on your store's website without being redirected to an external payment page.

To integrate the payment method retrieval service and prepare orders from your checkout page, you need to extend each order with the payMethods object, which specifies the payment method selected by the customer.

For detailed instructions on how to implement these features and more, please refer to the relevant sections provided in the documentation below.


Don't forget to include relevant information about PayU on your website to comply with legal requirements. The Disclosure Obligations section in the documentation explains the necessary details you need to display to your customers regarding PayU and its services.

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