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Card Payments

Card payments in PayU are facilitated through the PayU payment page, providing a secure and reliable environment for buyers to enter their card information. However PayU offers a variety of other options for receiving and transmitting card data.

When you direct your customers to the PayU payment page, there's no need to modify your integration. Card payments will automatically be available as one of the payment methods on the PayU payment form. Here, buyers can conveniently enter their card details and complete the payment.

Alternatively, you have the option to further streamline the process by directing customers directly to the hosted by PayU card form.

For securely storing card data for future use, consider leveraging PayU's hosted Secure Form. This method significantly reduces your PCI DSS obligations and allows you to generate tokens to replace card data in future transactions. It provides a safe and compliant way to manage card information while simplifying your data handling processes. For informations about tokenization see the Card Tokenization section.

The Secure Form can also improve the user experience for one-time payments. And it enables the buyer to make card payment seamlessly without being redirected to the PayU payment page.

On the other hand, if your business is already PCI DSS compliant and you collect and store customers' card data yourself, you have the option to send this data to PayU in a text form.

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