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Extending Order Request

To create an order with an already chosen payment method, you need to include the payMethods section in the order request. The details and structure of the payMethods object are provided in our API Reference under the Create an Order section.

payMethods Object Example
"payMethods": {
"payMethod": {
"type": "PBL",
"value": "m",
//optional for BLIK (blik) and Visa Checkout (vc), see below
"authorizationCode": "123456",
//optional for Visa Checkout (vc), see below
"specificData": []

Highlighted above is the payMethod object, contained inside the payMethods section. It is used to specify the payment method selected by the customer.

For the BLIK (value="blik" inside payMethod) payment method, you have the option to either redirect the payer to an external page or capture a 6-digit authorization code directly on your page. If you choose to capture the authorization code on your page, make sure to include the authorizationCode parameter in the payMethods section of the order request body. When using this method, the HTTP success response code will be 201 instead of the standard 302.


All BLIK services, except for the Redirect to the BLIK Payment Page option, require a special configuration of the point of sale (POS) by PayU. The configuration for "Transparent Payment with BLIK Authorization Code" is not compatible with the "Redirect to the BLIK Payment Page" option, so it requires a separate POS setup.

To learn more about creating a new order, you can refer to the Creating a new Order section. For information about status codes, you can check the Status Codes section in the API Reference. Additionally, if you are interested in Visa Checkout, you can find relevant details in the Visa Checkout section.

Examples of the Successful Responses

"orderId": "VVLR1HXK2S160929GUEST000P01",
"status": {
"statusCode": "SUCCESS"
"redirectUri": ""

For detailed information about the parameters and their usage, you can refer to the Create an Order section in our API Reference.