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Payouts via Panel

The PayU management panel serves as an interface that empowers merchants to efficiently manage their transactions processed by PayU. It offers a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable you to, for example, make payouts.

To initiate the payout through the management panel, simply navigate to the My Shops tab and locate the specific shop you wish to process the payout for. Within the tile of the selected shop, you'll find the button to initiate the payout process, allowing for quick and easy access to your funds.


Once you click on the Pay out funds button, the payout details will be presented, and you need to verify that the information is correct. After confirming that the payout details are accurate, you can proceed to confirm the payout.


Since each Shop has a seperate balance, you must withdraw funds from each shop separately.

Setting Automatic Payouts

You can also turn on automatic payouts. Thanks to this feature you can customize the payouts schedule according to your preferences, and the system will automatically process payouts at the designated intervals.

To activate this feature, you can simply click on the Automatic payouts button located in the My Shops tab within the tile of each store you have set up.


Upon clicking the Automatic payouts button, you will be redirected to the corresponding tab in your shop options.


Upon reaching the Automatic payouts tab, you can further customize the automatic payout settings by selecting Edit automatic payouts located in the top-right corner. This action will navigate you to a new screen where you have the option to enable automatic payouts, specify the minimum payout amount, and schedule the frequency of payouts, determining the number of days after which payouts will be processed.


Each of your created shops has a separate balance, so you need to set up individual payout options for each one.

While creating payouts through the management panel is a convenient and straightforward process, PayU also provides a more powerful option through our API for Payouts. This API empowers you with greater control over the entire payout process, allowing you to customize and automate disbursements according to your specific needs.