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Card Payment Form

You can shorten the payment process for your customers by sending them directly to the PayU card form.

PayU Hosted Form

You can skip the step where the buyer selects the payment method on the PayU payment page and send them directly to the card form. You can do it by extending the standard order with a payMethods section. In this section, you must specify c (representing card payment) as the value of the value parameter.

payMethods Section with a Specified Card Payment Example
"payMethods": {
"payMethod": {

When using the payMethods section configured in this manner to submit an order, you will receive a response that includes the redirectUri parameter, pointing to the card form hosted on the PayU payment page.

As with a standard order, you can change the language of the PayU payment page. The language version of the page is selected from the sources listed below:

  1. Parameter lang, added to redirectUri, e.g. &lang=de.
  2. (recommended) The language field in the buyer object (for more information on the buyer parameter, see Create an Order in the PayU API reference).
  3. Payer browser language.

If none of the above are supported, the system defaults to English. For a comprehensive list of available languages, please refer to the Languages section.


To boost the payment conversion rate, PayU provides currency conversion for various popular currency pairs. This means that the payer has the option to select a different currency (e.g. EUR) while you, as the recipient, will receive the payment in your preferred currency (e.g. PLN). The buyer sees the actual cost they will incur, related to the currency conversion of the payment.

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