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External 3DS

If you already have an existing integration with a provider of the 3D Secure service (3DS), you can pass the parameters that were returned from the 3DS handling process in the order request body. This allows for a seamless continuation of the payment flow and ensures a smooth user experience during the authentication process.

To send the 3DS data with the order, you should extend the standard order request with the payMethods.threeDsData parameter, which contains the result data obtained from the 3DS process.


The WARNING_CONTINUE_3DS status will not be returned if the result of the 3DS handling process is delivered along with the order.

Examples of threeDsData Section

"payMethods": {
"payMethod": {
"threeDsData": {
"status3Ds": "Y",
"status3DsDescription": "Authentication successful",
"dsTransactionId": "3b31b19d-1c06-4ea4-a85a-00af10c66588",
"eciCode": 5,

For detailed information on the parameters of the threeDsData object, please refer to the Create an Order section of our API Reference. Additionally, if you want to check the possible status3DS and eciCode values, please refer to the sections 3DS Status and ECI respectively.