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PayU Pay Later

With PayU | Pay Later, your customers have the option to defer payment of the full amount until a designated future date. They can choose to make the payment either in its entirety or in installments.


The service typically involves a credit assessment process to determine the customer's eligibility for the Pay Later option. Upon successful approval, the customer can finalize the purchase and promptly obtain the product or service, all while deferring the payment obligation.

PayU offers Pay Later Service in Poland and Czech Republic.

PayU Pay Later (Poland)

Service Description

PayU Pay Later enables the buyer pay for ordered goods within 30 days without any additional costs. After the mentioned period of time, customer can split their payment into installments.

The procedure of processing payment and automatic collection for PayU | Pay Later regarding e-shop integration is the same as for the service PayU | Installments.

Additional Information

When integrating with the OpenPayU protocol (REST API) in order to use the service PayU Pay Later, it is recommended to send the completed credit section. Sending this data significantly simplifies and speeds up the process on the user's side. The credit section is not required, but its use is recommended for the best possible conversion.

Available Payment Methods

  • Klarna | PayU Pay Later is available for shopping carts worth from 1 PLN to 7000 PLN.
  • The service has to be integrated via OpenPayU (REST API) protocol.
  • The value of payMethod parameter is dpkl.

Pay Later with Twisto (Czech)

Service Description

Pay later with Twisto enables the buyer to make a payment for ordered goods within 30 days without any additional costs. Mechant gets money within 2 working days from transaction acceptance. Twisto Pay in 3 enables the buyer to make a payment in 3 parts.

Pay later with Twisto and Twisto Pay in 3 are "credit-type" payment methods, so final decision depends on user scoring.

Partial and full refunds are fully supported via PayU system.

More Information about Twisto Services:

  • Pay Later with Twisto and Twisto Pay in 3 is available on Czech market for a group of verticals.
  • Merchant has to sign an annex and go through additional verification, before this payment method can be turned on.
  • This service is not available on SDK.
  • The value of payMethod parameter is dpcz for Pay Later with Twisto and dpts for Twisto Pay in 3.
  • Having Twisto pay button separated at checkout (instead of using PayU paywall), a mandatory active link "Použitím služby Twisto Pay souhlasíte s obchodními podmínkami" must be added next to the Twisto pay button or in another clearly visible place at checkout. It will redirect the buyer to Twisto pay Terms & Condition (stored and updated by Twisto), similarly to mandatory link presented by PayU on PayU paywall (see an example below).

twisto term and conditions

Order Example

In this section, described examples are in OpenPayU protocol. Pay Later with Twisto and Twisto Pay in 3 is available for PayU HUB merchants.

Pay Later with Twisto Order Example
curl -v -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer 3e5cac39-7e38-4139-8fd6-30adc06a61bd" \
-d '{
"notifyUrl": "",
"customerIp": "",
"merchantPosId": "145227",
"description": "RTV market",
"currencyCode": "CZK",
"totalAmount": "99900",
"buyer": {
"email": "",
"phone": "+420123456789",
"firstName": "Jan",
"lastName": "Kowalski",
"delivery": {
"recipientName": "Jan Novak",
"recipientPhone": "+420123456789",
"street": "Antala Staska 2027/77",
"postalCode": "14000",
"city": "Praha",
"countryCode": "CZ"
"products": [
"name": "Laptop",
"unitPrice": "99900",
"quantity": "1"

For details on parameters, please refer to Create an Order section in our API Reference.


Pay Later with Twisto and Twisto Pay in 3 are also accessible within the sandbox environment. When you initiate transactions using these payment methods in the sandbox, your data will undergo validation, enabling you to confirm the effectiveness of your integration.

To test this services, follow the steps that are described below.

Step 1

Create an account on sandbox environment. If you don't have an account on the sandbox environment, you can create one by registering, and activating your account.

Step 2

Log in to your account and note your sandbox Company ID.

Step 3

Since Twisto payment methods are not a default payment methods, please contact us in order to activate them. In your request send your sandbox Company ID. PayU will create a Shop and POS with the Pay Later with Twisto or Twisto Pay in 3 payment method for you.

Step 4

Send your order via the REST API on a newly created POS (existing POS will not have these paymethods added). Select Pay Later with Twisto or Twisto Pay in 3 on the PayU payment page when applicable and you will be redirected to the Twisto simulator.

Step 5

On the Twisto simulator page Payu will present any validation problems with your order. Fix the errors to continue, and you will be able to authorize the payment. Exemplary validation result is presented below.

sandbox validation screen