Referral Program

1 Referral Program

Referral Program allows you to earn money by referring merchants to PayU.
The Referral Program is aimed at all businesses who want to partner with PayU. This applies especially to all kinds of e-commerce platforms and web-developers integrating payment services for their customers.

If you are interested in the Program and would like to learn more about remuneration and business terms and how to become a participant, please contact us at

Below you can find information on how to register a merchant, so we can recognize it was referred by you and remunerate you.

2 Registration via link

Registration link is the easiest way to register the referred merchants in the PayU system.

Please note that currently only merchants willing to do business in Poland can be registered using the link

The link can be sent to potential merchants via email or embedded into your website. It can be used multiple times and anybody clicking it will be redirected to PayU registration process. Any business who completes the registration will be flagged as referred by you.

The link looks like this:

The three parameters which can be used in the link are described below.

Parameter Description
nsf Optional. If this value is present and set to true, the merchant will be registered without accepting online agreement in the process. This option can be used if your merchants are not subject to the standard PayU merchant agreement.
partnerId Your Partner ID provided by PayU.
lang Optional. If not present, the default value will be used. Possible values: 'en' (English, default), pl (Polish).

3 Registration via API

Use Merchant Registration API to register merchants in the PayU system directly from your website.

Merchant Registration API allows participants of the Referral Program ("partners") to create merchant entities in the PayU system. It is especially meant for payment service integrators and SaaS platform operators.

The API is RESTful and allows partners to create the entities by calling endpoints representing the entities. Below is a short description of the registration procedure. To obtain full documentation please contact us.

A full flow to create a new merchant in the PayU system:
  1. Obtain OAuth 2 access token to create new firm.
  2. Create new firm, receive public firmId.
  3. For enhanced security, obtain another OAuth 2 access token in the context of newly created firm to add further entities to the firm.
  4. Create new URL, receive public urlId.
  5. Create new shop, using the URL to denote shop's URL, receive public shopId.
  6. Create new POS for the shop, receive posId.
  7. Obtain POS config details and add them to your SaaS platform to create payment transactions on behalf of the merchant.
  8. Obtain OAuth 2 access token to retrieve payment methods with status.
  9. Retrieve payment methods with status. Initially, POS is configured with a disabled test payment method only and without payout schedule configured. Addition of other payment methods in enabled status means merchant activation in PayU.

4 Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program valid from 1st Apr 2017 are available for download here.

Previous version is here.

5 Program branding

Graphic materials for download: