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Android Implementation Guide

Mobile SDK is a library that will handle full payment process for your products. It is created for more advanced merchants and consist of three components that could be used independent or could coexist to create better UI:

  • payment-library-chooser-module - The main function of this library is to present a widget for user to select payment. In base configuration user will see PBL payment, for other payment type please contact IT support for changing POS configuration. This library contains card module, so without additional work you can add card from widget. Card can be added manually and stored on PayU backend or by scanning a real card using add sub-library and set scan property to true. This widget can pass token value to OCR and can be extended to select GP, BLIK payments. Currently supported payments: GP, PBL, PEX, BLIK, Card.
  • payment-library-add-card-module - This module is responsible for handling cards (adding new card & CVV ) in payment process. It contains information on how to handle form (NewCardView) that allows user to enter card data. You can decide if you want to use logic and network layer or your own logic for handling adding a card. We support payment process after creating an OCR (OrderCreateRequest) by adding CVV view that allows user to enter a 3 digit code. This library requires POS configuration.
  • payment-library-webview-module - This module is responsible for processing web payments payments (PBL, PEX, 3DS). Payments are processed within WebView. To use this library you need to create OCR with PBL/PEX or 3DS payment type. The most tricky part of this library is the continueUrl.

As well as two additional components for Google Pay implementation:

  • payment-library-google-pay-module - This library handles the creation of the Google Pay token for the PayU backend to use. This payment must be configured on POS. Google Pay is supports a test environment out of the box, so anyone can verify if payment workflow works as it should. To "unlock" production environment for Google Pay payments, please contact Google Pay (there is a high probability that the application will need to be verified by Google).
  • payment-library-google-pay-adapter - This is a bridge between widget and GP payments. If you want to use GP payments on widget, please use this library.

New Mobile SDK requires Android 4.4 + and a working POS on PayU's production and sandbox environments (sandbox is a copy of the production environment that can be used for integration and testing purposes).

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