Changes in Classic API

1 Changes to WEBAPI/SOAP

The transaction identifiers used in the PayU system (until now INT) are approaching their maximum values. Therefore, in order to be able to continue serving your requests, we are changing the identifier data type to LONG. We are also introducing changes to the Classic API integration protocol based on the WEBAPI/SOAP interface.

We currently provide 2 WEBAPI/SOAP interface contexts:

If you are using above interfaces to generate a protocol client and consequently handle transactions or refunds please read information below.

Most Important Changes

What will change:

  • Engine that generated and handled SOAP requests. Until now our interface was based on the AXIS libraries - we are changing them to CXF. This means that WSDL documents will have different structure.
  • Data type passed to PayU via above interfaces (from INT to LONG) for all identifiers e.g. trans_id, pos_id parameters.
  • Namespace in document structure (from Platnosci.Payments to payu.payments.v2). This applies to both types of interface.
  • Base context of SOAP requests (from to Because of this contexts will change to:
  • domain will be deactivated - new contexts WILL NOT be available on it.

When changes will occur?

Changes on the production environment will be live on 01.03.2021 r. New contexts are available on the sandbox and production environment, from where you are able to download and use them to generate new client code.

How to prepare?

Please download new contexts and generate new client code based on them. Also, make sure that your internal systems can support parameters with type LONG.

If the integration method is not adapted to the changes, it will no longer be possible to communicate via this protocol.

As the Classic API is no longer developed we encourage you to integrate via REST API 2.1.

In case of questions or encountered questions please contact us through: